12 Pit Bull Pictures Will Change Your Mind About This Breed.

Pit bulls are amazing and faithful dog breeds. Here we are going to see some pictures that will make you think differently and change your mind about Pit Bulls.

1-Pit bulls are described as atrocious, feral and untrusted breed.

pit 1


2-But if you looked more closely at his face; you will see nothing but kindness and sensitivity.

pit 2

3-They can be your best faithful friends ever.


4-He has an awesome smile.

pit 4

5-Their strong power and lack of pain sense, are badly used by humans in fighting.

pit 5

6-When dealing with pit bulls, you will notice that they have a very kind nature and that violence and aggression are traits taught to them.

pit 6

7-Pit bulls need extra socialization and TLC starting from their puppyhood, because pit bulls are originally bred to be fighting dogs.

pit 7

8- Judge the deed and not the breed.

pit 8

9-Pit bulls are known to be loyal and faithful.

pit 9


10-This video is showing a loyal and adorable  pit bull who proved to be a super hero, as he takes a bullet in his head that came out of his neck just to save his owner’s life. He really made a great job that shows how faithful and loyal is this breed. Great Thanks for his braveness and loyalty.

11-They are able to give warm and loving cuddles.

pit 11


12- How beautiful he is when smiling to you!

pit 12

Pit bulls have strong locking jaws that make many people frightened to have them at their homes. Though these dogs have strong and powerful jaws, but they are not physiologically lock. It is a learned behavior, not a feature in the breed itself.

The ASPCA reports that the most important thing to avoid the development of violence and aggression in pit bull dogs is Socialization from their puppyhood and that we don’t have to regard the fact that they are originally bred for fighting. Some early breeders succeeded to breed pit bulls that were trustworthy, loving, cute and friendly to people.

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