4 Month Old Puppy Digs His Way Out Of A Grave

What Would You do if you found a puppy trying to dig his way out of a shallow grave?

Help him and rescue him first , of course.

But then, you just can’t help to wonder, how did the dog end up there?

There’s no way the dog could’ve gone there on his own, It must be that someone must have buried the dog there, but again you would have to wonder: Who would bury a puppy? And WHY?

When the officials at Augusta Animal Shelter found a 4 months old mixed breed puppy – later named Moxie – trying to dig his way out of a shallow grave they were stunned. All of those questions came rushing to them, and the sad truth is that all of those questions have no answers yet.


The Dog was taken to the Veterinarian, his Veterinarian,  Scarlett Timmons,  from the Westside Animal Hospital,  said that the poor  puppy was unresponsive upon his arrival. A While later he started to show signs of life , but he was barely able to do anything, he couldn’t walk, stand, or eat. He suffered significant head trauma,  a respiratory infection from dirt caught in his nasal passage, and  ant bites.


Timmons also says that the dog might suffer some permanent brain damage in the future, but it’s too early to be sure.

Despite all of this, Moxie is one happy puppy, he is so loving, he gives everyone lots of kisses and he spreads love wherever he goes.
Moxie is a puppy that really loves to show appreciation for everyone who’s helping to nurse him back to life.


Moxie is now recovering and soon he will regain full functionality, and he will be as happy as a puppy could be!

Sadly though, there are still no suspects for whoever did that to him, although the police department is taking such cases very seriously.
We hope they get the monster who did this soon, and we wish full and speedy recovery for Moxie.


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