Volunteers Rescue An Emaciated Pit Bull From An Inhumane Detroit Backyard

An emaciated, injured pit bull is rescued from an inhumane Detroit backyard. 

Watch Max’s rescue video down below. 

While working, tree trimmers came across a horrifying scene; three malnourished emaciated dogs chained to the backyard of a Detroit neighborhood home. The workers didn’t know exactly what to do, but something needed to be done.

They contacted Tim Sumpter of Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, a non-profit dog rescue organization. The volunteer arrived with her friend Tom McPhee of World Animal Awareness Society to document the whole incident on camera.

An emaciated, injured pit bull is rescued from an inhumane Detroit backyard.

Max, the injured dog.

The video shows Sumpter negotiating and pleading with the owner asking him to take his dogs to the veterinarian. The pleas came after discovering that the poor three dogs have been injured and often were aggressive towards one another.

“This dog can’t sit out here like this, look at his body condition,” Sumpter told the man. “You take him to a vet, surrender him to animal control, or anybody so he isn’t sitting out here like this. Look at his body condition.”

After a long debate, the owner agreed to give up one of his dogs, Max. The poor pup was dehydrated, starving, and weak; every bit of his body was infested with fleas, yet he wagged his tail as Stumper escorted him to the truck.

Max was rushed to the Centerline Veterinary Clinic where he received the medical attention he needed and prepared himself for adoption. Hopefully, this poor fellow would find a safe forever home.

An emaciated, injured pit bull is rescued from an inhumane Detroit backyard.

We hope he would never suffer again.

Although the operation was successful, Stumper still worried about the two dogs remaining there. If no one rescues them soon enough, they will suffer the same fate.

“This is from poor nutrition and lack of care and being left outside in the elements, probably since he was a puppy, just like their other puppies,” she said.

The organizations handed their footage to the police station, hoping they will investigate into the matter.

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