Central Park Drinking Fountain Doubles As Dog Bidet

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Why pay a fortune to have a professional dog groomer shampoo your four-legged beast when Central Park is already filled with dozens of little sinks, perfectly adapted for scrubbing your pet’s anus

But you will use them to scrape fecal matter from your dog’s matted butt fur.

We simply witnessed the above appalling scene on Tuesday evening, near the park’s softball fields. There were actually two dogs present, the other of which was left to drag its leash listlessly about while its owner set to the task of extremely and painstakingly cleaning its pal’s rectum.

It wasn’t until another dog owner approached the woman, several minutes into her session, to yell at her about “hygiene” and “human people put their faces there” that she seemed to realize her behavior was in any way questionable.

The Washer appeared nonplussed, assuring the woman that it was “OK” and that she would “clean it up.”

She even scoured on for another few minutes—it’s tough to tell from the photo and iPhone video as to how much of the dog was actually left by the time she finished—before finally removing the animal from the basin.

She returned, as promised, around 10 minutes later with  a “balled up plastic bag,” which she actually used to whisk over the drinking fountain.


For a person with such thorough commitment to pet-wiping, it seems strange how quickly her zeal seemed to fade when it came to detoxifying the drinking fountain. Maybe her arm was tired.

What do you think about what this woman did? 

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