NERF Dog Ball Launcher

 NERF guns are great for office warfare, or warfare between family members, but guess what? Your dog feels left out. He would like some of

that sweet NERF action. Why don’t you give him some. This Nerf Dog Ball Launcher is a toy that is specifically made so that you can play with your furry friends.


BUY NOW    255$



Use this powerful Nerf gun to skyrocket tennis balls 50 feet into the air for your dog’s amusement. You can also re-load totally hands-free, all you have to do is place the barrel over the ball and push down. Once the ball’s in the barrel, just pull back on the handle, and pull the trigger.

You can then watch your dog get totally excited. Not only is this great for your dog, but it’s also great for you since you won’t wear yourself out throwing a ball every 10 seconds.

BUY NOW    255$

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