He Took His Dog To Disneyland- And The Pictures Are EPIC!


We often say that your dog is like your child.


Not in the sense that you should treat them both in the exact same manner, of course not. After all, you can’t reason with your dog as you reason with your child (most of the time you can’t, but sometimes you can!) and I doubt that even the smartest dog in the history of the world can get a college degree, so it’s not worth saving for his college!

What we mean when we say treat them like your children is to treat them with the love and care you treat a child, you are responsible for them and you need to act like the parent you are.

One dog owner seems to have the right idea, and he did something truly heart-warming to make his dog happy!

Pancake the corgi visited Disneyland before, but her owner felt like she might have missed out on a few things, so he decided to take her back to visit the California Adventure, and it turned out to be an epic Disney+Corgi trip!

I wonder what his wishes are

I wonder what his wishes are

I find this photo the most awesome one, I really makes me smile!
Check out this awesome corgi, y'all

Check out this awesome corgi, y’all

Look how happy he is!
That's one big smile!

That’s one big smile!

Check out this service dog’s reaction when he meets Pluto for the first time in Disneyland

I would say all dog owners should take their dogs to Disneyland!
Why wasn't this in the movie?

Why wasn’t this in the movie?

Kudos to the owner, this is heartwarming, now that’s what a good dog parent does


It looks almost too good to be true

It looks almost too good to be true

His smile makes me smile

He is no stranger to magic, look at this cute smile!

I can't even find words to describe this

I can’t even find words to describe this

He definitely belongs to a fairytale


Isn’t this adorable? We love this!

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