Holland Is The First Country To Not Have Stray Dogs


They managed to find homes for all street dogs once and for all.

Holland, the first country to have no street dogs.

Dogs need care and love. When they are left without a family they suffer. They are very social and love our company. Leaving or abandoning a dog is merely an animal abuse. You hurt the poor dog after giving them home then taking it away from them.

These abandoned are left in the streets wondering and looking for a shelter during a hot or a cold day. Stray dogs are always in poor condition receiving no care and poor nutrition as they aren’t provided with their healthy food they need, let alone no love or care at all.

Holland, the first country to have no street dogs.

With many regularities and laws, they are still abused stray dogs. However, that’s not the case for Holland. Stray dogs for them now is part of history. They managed to be the first country that is free of street stray dogs. They don’t leave a single abandoned dog in the street.

What they have applied and helped them to reach this success is that they have strict laws against animal abuse. They have fines up to 16.000 euros in case of neglecting or abandoning a dog. They don’t just have fines, they can send a person to a prison sentence in the cases of animal cruelty and abuse.

Holland, the first country to have no street dogs.

In an attempt to ensure dogs’ rights, the government also applied free neutering for pets and stray dogs to prevent them from breeding and hence help not to let other dogs suffer and not find a home.

Adoption is also encouraged and promoted over buying. All these laws and regulations are applied in addition to awareness campaigns about how to treat and care for your pet.

Watch the great news about Holland being the first country without stray dogs.

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