Homeless, Lonely Old Dog Has His Dying Wish Come True.. To Be Loved!


It must be really lonely to be living alone in the streets, physically abused, with no one there to love you and take care of you. ‘Ol’ Boy’ was a homeless dog, never having known the love of a family having lived his entire life on the streets with none to care for him. Surviving on used, unclean air conditioner water and the scrap food that shopkeepers gave him, his poor body was found riddled with over 100 ticks and he was well on the verge of death. He was howling for three days with stagering pain and lying haplessly in his excrement calling out for help.

What started out to be a routine rescue turned out to be a lesson in life and death which no one will ever forget. The lonely old dog who was kindly rescued during the last few days of his life and shown love by some guardian angels.


After assessment the vet found multiple problems such as tick fever, infections and possible cancer. A decision was made not to put him to sleep but to take him in a home where he received love and attention.

Ol Boy passed away peacefully. Stray dogs do not ask for any material wants, fortune or fame. All they ask for is our love and understanding.


Watch the video below and see this old dog get his dying wish of finally having someone to love him and take care of him for the last few hours of his life. Tears came flooding when I watched this video. I hope and pray that Ol Boy is finally in a better place where he’s loved, taken cared of, and happy.

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