How to Keep Your Dog Safe on New Year’s Eve

How to Keep Your Dog Safe on New Year's Eve

We are all looking forward to enjoying the New year with our beloved ones,  but you need to take care as the celebration may sound harmful to your pup. The excessive loud voices like explosive fireworks, party horns, and clanging pots and pans really annoy our dogs and disturb their self-control. Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and the EcoWaste Coalition warned that these intense, super loud sounds may lead to long-term trauma for pups.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe on New Year's Eve

The reason behind this is that dogs’ hearing range is much stronger than ours. Sounds that seem loud to humans like fireworks or talks and giggles of the people you are hosting often emit high-frequency tones that can scare away the dog.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society shared some solutions and tips to avoid harmful effects of noise on pups.

Simply, you will take a scarf and wrap your pup with it as shown in the photo, the length of the scarf  will vary according to your dog size, don’t make it too tight, give him a space to breathe. This wrapping will act like a hug that will give him a feeling of safety, security and a feeling of calmness.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe on New Year's Eve

And take these tips into your consideration, please…

1. A short walk around 12 noon will relieve much stress.

2. Try to check who will use the fireworks in your neighborhood and ask them not to do it or use it in another place, explain your reasons and they will understand.

3. Give him his food and water so he will feel relaxed.

4. Put him in bed with his toys, well covered in his blanket, play some calm music for him, Close the curtains and avoid any sound from outside.



How to Keep Your Dog Safe on New Year's Eve

Please keep your pup safe and keep him away from this stress and share the info to every pup owner you know to keep our furry friends in good health. Happy New Year all.

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