QUEEN, Abused And Discarded, Left To Die On The Fields


Meet Queen, she belongs to one of the world’s most unique breeds, the Ibizan Hound, a dog descending of ancient breed. One of the most majestic animals, funny, loyal, energetic, a joyful marvelous dog.

This poor dog has been used and abused in the most horrible way, and when they couldn’t use her more, they discarded and left her to die on the fields. The first two vets saw Queen suggested euthanasia, and at last, she was taken to Let’s Adopt, who didn’t give up on her and insisted on showing those two vets and eveyrone that there is another way to deal with a case like Queen… a harder way perhaps, but the right way.


They started performing a full range of tests, from scratch, real detective work to find out what had reduced her to this pitiful state. They did a full radiological study and a mielography, there was no fracture in her back.


They found an extremely high level of Leishmania that at the last stage has developed into Polyneuropath. The hunters used her, worked her to death and when she fell sick they dumped her on the fields to die. What a horrible and cruel humans! No! They are not humans!


The spinal cord is intact, she’s in good spirits, she’s very alert, she’s eating ravenously, however, her vet didn’t lose his hope. The treatment will be hard, difficult and extremely long, but a great team are committed themselves to save Queen’s life and to fight for her all the way.


At first, Queen’s body hasn’t been reacting to the treatment. Her albumina levels are extremely low, and after many stages of treatment and hard efforts from the amazing team, Queen now is running on fields enjoying her new life after getting the second chance from those people who believed in her.

Thanks for all these wonderful people. I do like these stories that show us cruel heartless people vs. the real humans. Watch Queen is eating in the video below, it will melt your heart. Please SHARE this amazing story with everyone.


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