Why Does Your Dog Bark So Much? The Answer Is One Of Those!

Why does my dog bark so much?

Many dog owners find themselves faced with a problem they didn’t expect, the dog seems to be barking all the time and they have no idea why!

Not only is this a nuisance in itself but it could be a source to all sorts of problems with your neighbors and probably your family too. While some breeds bark less than others and could be called “more quiet” than other breeds, all dogs can bark excessively, which is just one of those things you can’t live with, and fortunately you don’t need to, you see, your dog must be barking for a reason, if you could know what does your dog want then the problem is solved, here’s the most common reasons why your dog is barking.

1- Boredom

Bored dog

If you think your dog is barking for no obvious reason this could be it. Dogs that are under-stimulated physically or mentally or both get bored and use barking as an attempt to communicate this to their owners, they learn by time that this way works and they do get their owner’s attention and they also learn to enjoy hearing themselves, to avoid this try to make sure your dog is having enough exercise, training and that he has enough chew toys to keep him busy, but don’t write them off and ignore them, it will only get worse.

2- Separation Anxiety

One of the most common reasons for excessive barking is anxiety, and the most common one is separation anxiety, whenever the owner leaves the dog alone even if he just left the room anxiety kicks in and the dog become scared and some that suffer from sever anxiety get terrified, if you think your dog suffers from this you better take him to a professional trainer.

3- Physical need

If your dog is out of water, or needs to go outside or sometimes even hungry he will find barking the easiest way to communicate with you, and he will not stop until his need is met, which could be irritating but the dog can not find any other way, and because this need is a must he will not stop until it’s met.

4- Guarding Territory/ possessions

Dogs are guardians by nature, they will try to establish their territory, if they saw any intruder, whether it’s the mail man or just someone walking their dog by, they will bark to warn them and to alert their owner that their is someone that is where he shouldn’t be and that it needs to be taken care of, it’s also a warning to the intruder that if he would to come any closer he would face unpleasant consequences.

5- He needs to play

Dog don’t just love to play, they need to play, and this need can be expressed by barking, they would often bark to initiate play, if your dog isn’t getting enough play time with you this could be the reason why he’s barking excessively, some trainers even teach the dog to bark when he wants to release the playing dog inside of him.

So, does your dog bark a little more than he should be? Do you think the reason could be one of them or do you believe it’s something else? Tell us in a comment!

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