She Gave Her Dog A Camera, And The Results Are AMAZING!


  • The 17-year-old adopted the dog after she was rescued from under a bridge
  • ¬†She had an idea to give her dog a camera to see the world through her eyes
  • The results were amazing!
Tula is a 4-year-old rescue dog who works as a therapy dog at a local children’s hospital, and she is also a photographer!

The dog from Bear Lake, Minnesota is giving us the answer to the question which has been bothering us for ages: What does the world look like from the perspective of our dogs, especially when interacting with other dogs?

Those pictures will not only show you that, but they will leave you wanting to see more, too.

Yes, all those pictures have been taken by her, for real!


Tula is a rescue dog who was found at the side of the road, she was in a birdcage with her siblings. She was rescued by Second Chance Animal Rescue and she was later adopted by 17-year-old Susie Kixmoeller and her parents.

Susie was interested in photography and had always been fascinated by the interaction between dogs when they play, she had tried to get good shots but she found out that her presence always distracts the dog, which made it hard to take the good shots she wanted.
So she thought to herself: If I can’t get good shots, why don’t I get one of them to do it?
And so, she turned Tula into a photographer!
She strapped a GoPro Hero4 Session camera to Tula’s harness to see if her idea could actually work, and the results surprised everyone!
The pictures show dogs being .. well, dogs!
They are happy, they are playful, and they surely know how to have fun and enjoy their time.
It’s a rather nice experience to see the world from their perspective, because the world from their perspective seems so fun!


Tula shares them on her Instagram account and FB page, and she has more than 6K followers on Instagram, and the number is growing quickly.
The family is considering turning those amazing pictures into a book to help promote adoption, rescue and to support the local shelters.
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