Stop Your Dog From Jumping On Guests With This Simple Trick!

Sometimes when your dog gets too excited or they just got used to the habit since they were a little pup to jump on people as a way of greeting them. This behavior could be annoying to a lot of people and makes you feel embarrassed too.

your dog jumping on you
If you have this problem with your dog and have given all hope of ever getting your dog to stop, we are here to offer you a very simple trick to make your dog stop jumping on you or anyone else.
First, I need to tell you about the bad things you do when your dog jumps on you that actually encourages this behavior. If you push your dog down when they jump on you, they don’t take as “STOP IT” or “STAY DOWN” but they think it’s actually a game where they can jump on you and you push them down. To them, it’s fun, but for some us, it is just annoying.

Here’s the trick that will solve you this problem. Simply when your dog jumps on, do the following:
1. Avoid any eye contact with your dog.
2. Cross your arms over your chest.
3. Turn your back to your dog and don’t say a word!
4. When your dog comes back in front of you to jump again, say “SIT
5. If they sit, make sure you reward them with a TREAT!

make sure you reward them with a TREAT!
Now they can associate jumping on you with no attention and no care and when they don’t jump on you and sit they’ll be rewarded!
It is a pretty simple trick, but will do wonders to change your dog’s behavior. To avoid this behavior once and for all, better train your dog ever since they were a puppy. If your dog is adopted then this trick will work perfectly!
If you find this trick helpful and willing to give a go, comment below and SHARE so that others will change this behavior in their dogs too! Have a nice blessed day with your family and dog!



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