The Worst Place On Earth To Be A Dog- A Real Hell On Earth

We often Talk about how dogs are horribly mistreated by some people here and in Europe, and how in some Asian countries they eat dogs, but that is still much better than what happen to dogs in other places in this world.

When we hear ” The Middle East”, we often think of wars – and recently- revolutions against corrupt governments, but this spot of the world in HELL on earth for animals, and especially dogs.

The main problem over there is a huge one.

The number of stray dogs there is huge, and that’s because the number of people who would actually adopt or own a dog is very, very small.

That makes the number of stray dogs a big one (as well as stray cats), and their attitude towards the problem is what makes it even a bigger one.

Let me give you one example: In a famous incident in Lebanon earlier this year, a group of Lebanese children tied up a dog and put FIREWORKS in his mouth and then lit them up, it sounds like a scene from a horror movie, but it is in fact a scene from real life.

This goes on for almost every country in the region (except maybe the United Arab Emirates and Israel). Dogs are tortured in the streets in ways that even Satan couldn’t think of.

Dogs- and cats- are poisoned, stabbed with knives and swords, shot, drowned (yes drowned, groups of children consider it a hobby), beaten to death, strangled and slaughtered.

Another Famous Incident happened recently in a very famous and prestigious Social and sports club in Cairo, where the management there decided to put poisoned fish to the stray cats living in there and killed hundreds of cats in one day.

And just yesterday, a new governor for a major city decided that the first problem that should be solved was stray dogs, so he sent out one police man to shoot all stray dogs in the city.

The police man shooting dogs in the street, before people rushed and actually paid him to stop (illegally of course)

The police man shooting dogs in the street, before people rushed and actually paid him to stop (illegally of course)

The problem over there is not the people. The governments are the problem, the governments are encouraging the behavior to kill dogs, they kill them and leave the bodies on the streets.

Here’s another example: One police department in the major city where the massacre happened yesterday posted on their FB page encouraging young people to create a start-up, their – Brilliant, as they described it- idea was to collect stray dogs and export them to China or any Asian country where dogs can be used as food.

What about the people?

The people in these countries live a hard life, their apartments are small and their resources are limited, 95% of the people can not afford to have pets.

However, this doesn’t stop them from trying, owning a cat is pretty common, but owning a dog is much harder.

It’s not socially acceptable (or even legal in some places) to have a dog with you, this forced dog-lovers over there to find ways to help the dogs.

Dogs eating

They’ve actually taught the dogs to sleep under their cars (to hide), they try to provide them with food and medical care (most vets treat them for free and often buy medications from their own money), they try to stay with the dogs on the streets when the dogs are scared and they often try to gather dogs in places where they can provide them with blankets to cover them up when it’s really cold.

Source: CART (Cairo Animal Rescue Team)

Stray golden retriever fed by a volunteer who takes care of him

Those volunteers truly have hearts of gold, they fight the society, they practically fight the government and they go through hell to provide their dogs with everything they could.

Some volunteers say that they spend on stray dogs more than they do on their families, and that they will keep doing it no matter what happens to them.


I can’t even begin to imagine their feelings when they discover the animals they have been loving and taking care of have been killed so heartlessly!
One the left: One woman who used to take care of stray dog, and on the left: after she found them dead after the recent massacre

One the left: One woman who used to take care of stray dog, and on the left: after she found them dead after the recent massacre by the police

Groups of volunteers have been formed and still forming in everywhere to help those poor animals, the following are a few examples:


In Bahrain

In Bahrain

In Qatar

In Qatar



Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria

Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria

We are asking only one question, Could 2016 bring some mercy to those tortured souls? Could there be a way of helping or miraculously putting an end to the horror those animals suffer over there?

Those poor, innocent souls don’t deserve that.

Our wish for the new year is less suffering for all animals all around the world, our prayers are with those powerless creatures that struggle in a world they didn’t choose to live in.

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