This Dog Was Diagnosed With Osteosarcoma But That Doesn’t Mean That It Is The End Of The Road


This is the story of Sheridan the dog, a beloved best friend who is battling bone cancer. Sheridan’s owner, Morgan, and her fiancé Zach, share the experience of treating Sheridan’s cancer and bring to light what Sheridan is still capable of after a life-changing amputation of his front limb.

Sheridan was diagnosed with Canine Osteosarcoma. But for Sheridan and his humans, that didn’t mean he should just lie down and wait to die. Watch his beautiful journey as he fights cancer in his own way by living his life to the absolute fullest!


In order to slow down the spread of bone cancer, Sheridan’s front right limb was amputated and he is undergoing six rounds of chemotherapy. The average time a dog with osteosarcoma lives after amputation and chemotherapy is eight months to a year. Zach and Morgan hope Sheridan can enjoy this time.


Morgan and Zach created an emotional video following the life of Sheridan before and after his amputation. Even while enduring chemotherapy for six months, Sheridan continued to act like his energetic self, rolling around in the sand, jumping into pools and chasing tennis balls.


The video went viral, and Morgan and Zach used this opportunity as a platform to talk about Bone Cancer Dogs, a non-profit organization that works to exclusively to fund research for canine bone cancer.

Sadly, after 14 months of chemotherapy and an amputation, Sheridan passed away. He left us but left an inspirational story about final days on earth and his fight against bone cancer.

This is how we should all do when we have a problem, whether it’s a medical issue of life issue, we should be strong enough to fight! It’s all about looking at things from a different perspective!

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