This Overweight Stray Dog Spent 13 Years On Street Until His Mind-blowing Transformation!


As in people, dogs carrying extra pounds of weight place extra demands on virtually all the organs of their bodies. When we overload these organs, disease and sometimes death are the consequences. Here is a case of overweight dog in risk. This is Bolinha, the senior 80 pound stray dog who was abandoned when he was just a puppy at a gas station along a rural road in Brazil. He lived near the station’s cafe for 13 years. He was fed of handouts from motorists who stopped for gas.


Due to unhealthy food, overweight and careless, Bolinha became nearly immobile, and had breathing issues. He didn’t need food, he was in a desperate need for attention, care and medical treatment. While all the town didn’t realize that Bolinha’s needs. In the last September, a new hope blew in Bolinha’s life, An animal advocate heard about his story so he stepped in to help him.


The heroic rescuer took him to the Animal Protection Organization where he got attention, care, love in addition to the most important medical care. Aww! Seemed he enjoyed his first bath!


By the help of his rescue team and exercise regimen that involved walking on a treadmill in water, he lost 30 pounds in less than one year. And he is still on his way for the healthy perfect weight. This result came slowly but its an amazing achievement of course.


In the coming months, Bolinha’s caregivers are hoping to help him lose another 15 pounds, completing a transformation which is already nothing short of stunning. I have no doubt but I am pretty sure than he can do it!

Now watch his first step in his stunning mind-blowing transformation! I couldn’t believe my eyes! What an inspirational story! 


We should thank these unusual heroes who dedicated themselves to allowing this amazing dog enjoy the rest of his life happy and healthy.

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