Two Stray Dogs Hugging Each Other Since The Day They Were Rescued


They kept each other’s company since the day they were rescued.


When you are in a terrible situation, you don’t want to be alone too. That would add to your ordeal. Having someone on your side would just help comfort you. You will support each other and would remain together until things turn to be better.

The situation is kind of different for dogs. When they go wandering the streets, they are frightened to be living alone. Living in the streets can’t be tougher. They feel lost and abandoned and they are deprived of all sorts of love and care.


Once they found a chance of love or affection, they stick to it. They feel like being rescued of their misery. That is the story of these sweet rescued dogs. Buddhist nuns in a pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam have found these two little pups as stray. They rescued them and brought them to the temple.

When they found them, they were tightly hugging each other in an adorable way. Being lost and  abandoned, they had nowhere else to go except hugging each other. Even though the bigger pup was still tiny and small, he used to protect his younger buddy and keep hugging him tightly.


They are starting to feel more confident and safe in their new place. However, that doesn’t stop them from hugging each other. They started to feel comfortable and relaxed in the temple knowing that there are people that care and love them now.


Their strong bond can reflect the horrible days and conditions they have seen together. All that they have seen made them stick more to each other and know that they would survive by supporting and protecting each other.


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