Watch Missy The Homeless Dog With A Massive Venereal Tumor Recover In Just Four Months

When Animal Aid, an animal rescue group in India, found a stray dog with a massive tumor, they knew they had to save her. 

Missy is a poor stray dog suffering from a massive tumor.

Missy is a poor stray dog suffering from a massive tumor.

India has a staggering number of homeless dogs, and it is not uncommon to see many of them, male or female, suffering from many diseases such as cancer. The group has been working on saving as many of them as possible.

Missy is a stray who had a massive cancerous transmissible venereal tumor to the point where it was visible. The poor thing used to lick it all day, trying to alleviate the pain.

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Many of the dogs suffering from tumors can be treated if they were diagnosed early; cancer is often treated by chemotherapy through a drug called Vincristin, which can shrink the tumor until it disappears completely, but the drug has many side effects such as nausea and loss of appetite.

Unfortunately, Missy’s case was much more complicated as her tumor had enlarged and spread to many organs of her body. The cancer was at a developed stage, and the team had a debate on whether to treat her or relieve her from the pain through euthanasia.

Treatment meant months of chemotherapy in order to overcome a tumor this massive. Animal Aid saw Missy’s spirit and they knew they had to continue with treatment. The pup had an endless appetite for living, and for food as well.

Missy after her stunning recover looking amazing.

Missy after her stunning recovery looking amazing.

It has been four months since the treatment had begun, and Missy’s tumor is already gone! She is looking her healthy and her vitals check. She has managed to overcome an impossible-to-beat situation with her will-power and love for life. Needless to say, the spirited pup made friends with almost everyone from nurses to cleaners, volunteers, and other pups.

Missy's love for life and high spirit made her survive an impossible situation.

Missy’s love for life and high spirit made her survive an impossible situation.

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Watch Missy’s amazing recovery in this footage documenting her progress. 

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