10 Puppies Orphaned After Losing Their Great Mom.. And Then?! Rescue Angels Stepped In!


Stray dogs’ stories are the most heartbreaking stories you can ever read or hear about! Yeah, reading one of these stories is enough to break your heart and make you cry. But this story is totally different, it can squeeze your heart in just seconds!

Seeing a stray dog Mom giving birth to 11 puppies and die after she knew that they are safe is not something that we can see everyday! But it’s true.. A stray dog gave birth to a litter of 11 pups keeping them alive and safe as long as she could but unfortunately for unknown reasons she died and left them orphaned in desperate need to survive! They were just 2 week old when she died.


Sadly, one of her pups died too after his Momma, that’s when Doggie Protective Services (DPS), a non-profit animal rescue organization in Los Angeles, California, that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes dogs stepped in to the scene to rescue the 10 pups.


The babies could have ended up at a local Los Angeles city or county shelter but DPS knew that without proper care and attention their chance of survival was slim to none.

Thanks to all caring people who worked tirelessly to rescue these pups, imagine having to wake up every 4 – 6 hours to feed one baby. Now imagine ten!! It’s hard work, really hard work wrapped with all love, care, and sincerity. They are not just rescuers, here we are talking about heroes!


DPS teamed up with PAWsitive, a YouTube channel that supports local shelters, rescues, fosters and wildlife rescuers by sharing heartwarming and inspirational rescue stories, to share this amazing story. Thank you guys for your stunning work!

The good news, all the ten pups have gone to their forever homes! Thankfully, they got their second chance and all their lives have been changed.

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