10years homeless NYC dog before being rescued…Amazing story

10years homeless NYC dog before being rescued…Amazing story



It’s no secret that East Coast winters are difficult to bear. Every year, Manhattan’s streets become implicated in snow, and the freezing, icy weather sounds like to last for months and months. So being a homeless dog living through that winter every year outside for 10 years. That is over prospect.

For ten years continually, a near feral, shepherd mix dubbed Charlie (or Ricky) by the neighbors and residents of Highbridge Park in upper Manhattan had been homeless.

Residents in the neighborhood recognized him and would regularly leave food out for him which he gladly ate. But this year, something changed.


Several neighbors noticed Charlie’s health seemed to be failing, specifically the development of hip problems. Friends and animal advocates and kind people would also bring the dog food and regularly check on him.
Yuliya Avezbakiyeva and her mother, who had been overseeing Charlie for years, thought the dog looks out of sorts this past winter.

After all, Charlie used to be in the group of other stray dogs, but the years passed on.
In a strain to save Charlie when the weather downward to near subzero temperatures in the middle of February, The concerned neighbors slowly earned Charlie’s trust by creating a makeshift bed for him that included hand warmers, which the sweet dog loved.


Advocates innovated more ways to make Charlie’s life more comfortable to earn his trust and captive and leash him in order to have him checked by a veterinarian.
Some of the advocates cried they were so flood with emotion, as Charlie was finally rescued after a companion ship of having been homeless.
At BluePearl Veterinary Partners, Charlie was diagnosed with worms and a tumor on one of his testicles; noteworthy few medical issues considering how long the dog had just stray purposelessly for years.


After successful surgery, Charlie was ready to move forward with his new life, although veterinarians warned the dog most likely felt he had been “abducted by aliens”; the vets say Charlie is doing okay medically. That has to get used to living in a home under completely new rules.
More than $16,000 has been raised to serves to Charlie’s every need.

The dog now lives with a neighbor of Avezbakiyeva who rescued him, with the some conditions that Yuliya still supplies Charlie’s food for him every day and of course, gets to visit.

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