12-Year-Old Dog Waiting For New Home After Her Dad Became Sick & Forgot To Feed Her

  • Blondie’s father had been having trouble with his memory, and too often forgot Blondie had been left.
  • What Blondie could really use is the perfect retirement home, where she can be indulged with kindness.

As per the volunteers at the Pima Animal Care Center in Arizona, Blondie is a shy senior dog who is always friendly and absolutely willing to listen to whatever you want to tell her.

Blondie is also a little bit underweight. Her pet father had been having trouble with his memory lately. He keeps on forgetting where he left Blondie or when she was last fed.

Volunteers & staff at the Pima Animal Care Center surrounded her with love and care!

When Team Up for Tucson Stuff the Hummers head about Blondie’s case, they unanimously decided to step in and help that little beautiful pup.The first thing they decided to do is to give her a few baths since Blondie’s tail had been stuck to her stomach with feces and dead flies.

The dryer was too intimidating for Blondie…

To ease the process a bit, a volunteer relaxed next to the dog while she dried in the shade of the afternoon sun.

Blondie misses her dad and she seems to be watching and waiting for him, but now being taken care of by the shelter’s staff and volunteers.

What Blondie could really use, though, is a good and warm retirement home, where she can be indulged with kindness, good food, and maybe…just maybe a someone to hold her tight when her time comes.

You can follow the cute furry-friend’s plight on Facebook here, and maybe you can also consider giving her the home she so well needs and actually deserves.


You can absolutely adopt Blondie and make room for a wonderful senior loving dog at your house.

For more information about Blondie, contact Team Up For Tucson, P.O. Box 35142, Tucson, AZ 85740. Phone: 520-303-2167 or email: info@teamupfortucson.com.

If you know a friend or even a family member who might be interested in adopting that kind dog, please don’t hesitate to share this article with them.

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