13 Crazy Pet Laws You Didn’t Think Are Real


You will be surprised to know these crazy pet laws actually exist. 


Every part of the world tries to make laws to protect pets. Some laws are issued for the welfare of animals that try to persuade owners who are planning to have a pet, to adopt rather than buy. Some other laws are designed to protect pets from neglect and abuse, as the hot car law that gives citizens the right to rescue pets from a hot car.

On the other hand, not all pet laws are designed to protect pets. In other words, crazy pet laws are out there and real. They don’t make much sense and have no direct practical purpose. These crazy pet laws left us puzzled behind their origin and what was expected from issuing such a law.

13 crazy pet laws that are real.

This infographic shows us 13 crazy pet laws from different states that you never imagined they are real. There are even some laws you most likely haven’t ever thought of. So, let’s break down these 13 crazy pet laws and  try to infer some sense out of them.

1. Alabama

13 crazy pet laws that are real.

Alabama has the craziest and weirdest laws of all times. In Alabama, it’s illegal to buy, sell, possess, or train for bear wrestling. Let’s break it down, when was the last time you saw a person who has a pet bear? Exactly, never! This law doesn’t only prohibit you from having a bear, it prohibits you from selling them!

The second part of the law is weirder. The law makes it illegal to train a bear for bear wrestling. How is anyone supposed to hold a bear wrestling competition! And Where exactly do you train bears for wrestling? Well, you won’t reach an answer here, sorry.

2. Juneau, Alaska

13 crazy pet laws that are real.

This law prohibits pet owners from letting their pets accompany them while going to the barbershop. Still, this law doesn’t provide a logical answer. What harm could happen to your pets while being at the barbershop?

3. Arizona

13 crazy pet laws that are real.

This law has in a part makes sense, once you see the remaining part you will be surprised. In Arizona, you can’t feed your pig garbage, unless you get the right permit. As we said, not feeding your pig garbage is good but why would you acquire a permission to do so! It would have been way better if they stopped by the first part of the law.

4. California

13 crazy pet laws that are real.

California may win the weirdest law ever. They have a law of permitting anyone to own as many frogs as they want for the purpose of frog-jumping contest, but you can’t eat them if they die during a contest. Let’s agree you own many frogs to participate in frog-jumping contest, but why would you think of eating a dead frog? Was it important to remind us of how illegal it is to eat dead frogs after dying in contests?

5. Boulder, Colorado

13 crazy pet laws that are real.

In Boulder, Colorado, you are not allowed to let your llama run on city property. So, what a llama owner is supposed to do in that case? I guess they just could have only, you know, leave it in its place in the wild!

6. Athens-Clarke County, Georgia



They have a law of prohibiting giving away a live animal ( fish, reptiles, and birds) as a contest prize. While this law makes a little bit of a sense, but giving a pet as a prize is still something nice and would make someone happy.

7. Minnesota

In Minnesota, the law prohibits any games include capturing a greased pig. Maybe the reason behind this law is something to do with hygiene.

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