20 Unusual Places You Need To Add In Wish List For You And Your Dog!


Do you enjoy taking your dog to places he’ll love, but you’re tired of taking him to the same place over and over again? Sure, you can take your dog to a pet supply store, a park, or even the beach, but why not try taking him somewhere new.

Well, 2016 has started and the wish list is still a blank paper, let’s prepare some magical places to go in 2016 with our dogs! Here are some pretty suggestions!

Mount Pleasent in Virginia, USA

A blanket, a view, and your dog–all you need is a snack, and you’re ready for one magical nap!


Banff National Park in Canada

This isn’t the dog park down the street–welcome to Canada’s oldest national park! 6,500 miles of glaciers, ice fields, and coniferous forests ready for you and your pup to explore.


Venice, Italy

Sit back and relax as you tour Venice in the comfort of a gondola with your furry best friend!


Glacier Peak in Washington, USA

Ready to say you hiked Washington’s most active volcano with your dog? Just remember to bring a hammock big enough for two because you will want to sit and enjoy the view.


Naples, Italy

Take a dip in the Amalfi coast after you and your pup enjoy a big bowl of spaghetti, Lady and The Tramp style. Just don’t forget to wait 30 minutes before you swim/dog-paddle.


Lake Tahoe, USA

Whether you and your pup want some summer or winter fun, Lake Tahoe is enjoyable year round, and is also the largest alpine lake in North America.


Quebec, Canada

Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and European charm of this gorgeous historic city. Oh, and heads up, you’re dog will probably want to stop for a Montreal smoked meat sandwich.


The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Pisa, Italy

Let your creative juices flow and see how many pics you can get of your dog “interacting” with The Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Cyclades, Greece

Take your pup for a dip in the Aegean Sea or discover some of the countries most pawsome ruins!


The Baltic Sea

Enclosed by Scandinavia, Finland, the Baltic countries, and the North European Plain, this Atlantic Sea is the perfect exotic destination for you and your dog.


Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.

One of the few places in the world where you can act like that crazy dog person, and still not be the craziest person there. #VivaLasVegas


The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France


New York City, New York, U.S.

Explore the city that never sleeps and treat your pup to a hot-dog from one of those classic NYC hot dog stands.



Milan, Italy

Treat your dog (and yourself!) to an extravagant evening in the financial hub, where you will find fine dining and shopping!


Colorado, USA.


Peyto Lake in Alberta, Canada

Cozy up and enjoy the view of this magical glacier-fed lake, located in Alberta, Canada.


Malibu Beach in California, USA


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