Animal Services Rescue 27 Pit Bulls After Neighbor Complained Of Bad Smell

After one neighbor had complained of bad smell, animal services rescue 27 dogs from inhumane conditions. 

Watch the incredible rescue video down below. 

Police officers in Riverside, California received a complaint of bad smell from one neighbor; upon investigation, they discovered something horrifying. 27 pit bulls were found living alone under inhumane conditions. To their dismay, police officers found 12 dead pit bulls on the floor; the cause of death was determined to be starvation.

One of the poor dogs who were found starving.

One of the poor dogs who were found starving.

Further investigation revealed that the owner of the house was under arrest for drug trafficking, leaving these dogs unattended without any food or water.

Scroll down to see the video.

The lucky dogs were reduced to flesh on bones and nothing more, whereas, those with less fortune died from the lack of food. Hopefully, the man who abandoned them would serve more prison time for animal cruelty.

The dogs were in a dire state and needed immediate medical attention; therefore, animal services transferred them into the nearest veterinary to tend to their medical needs.

Watch this heartwarming video at the veterinary. 

Doctors hope to rescue these pups before it is too late. Once they recover, they will undergo rehabilitation programs and get ready for new forever homes.

Animal services say that despite all the horrors they had seen, the pit bulls remain as friendly as ever, and it is likely that they will find new, loving homes in no time.

They are now okay and are ready for adoption.

They are now okay and are ready for adoption.

Animal cruelty is an unforgivable crime, and  hope that all irresponsible breeders are punished in a manner that would deter future violations.

As for these adorable pups, we wish that they find the homes that they deserve. God only knows how much they had suffered.

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