7 Personality Traits Dogs And Humans Share In Common


We spend a long time together and get accustomed to each other’s characteristics.


Dog-human dog.

Dog-human bond.

Dogs and humans have managed to create strong bonds during the many years we spend together. For 15.000 years, dogs have been the most domesticated animal to get closer to humans and understand them perfectly. They accompany humans in their lives and help in many tasks and duties.

They love us unconditionally and enjoy their times with us. It’s not surprising to know that dogs and humans share some characteristics together. Let’s have a look at 7 common characteristics we share with our best friends.

#1 – They’re social


Dogs are known to be naturally social. They lived in packs and now they love living with their families of people. Their social skills are one of the reasons that helped to create the strong bond in the first place.

#2 – They’re furniture hogs


While we give them rules not to use the furniture, they can’t follow these instructions for their love of our comfy furniture. They love to share with us our sofas and beds

#3 – They love food


We love food and canines adore food too. As we are both social species, our social gatherings are always revolving around food. We sometimes share with them our food.

#4 – They’re intelligent


Studies show that the average dog matches the intelligence of a two-year-old human kid. This means their ideas and emotions are complex and have some problem-solving skills.

#5 – They have personal preferences


They tend to have favourite food and toys. They also have their own likes and dislikes.

#6 – They have unique personalities


While some dog traits can be bred, dogs tend to be born with distinctive personalities. Breeding also affects them according to the task they bred for.

#7 – They are emotional


Dogs are all about love and affection. They have strong bonds with their best human friends.

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