7 Therapeutic Ways To Comfort Your Anxious Dog


Many reasons can cause them to be anxious that’s why you should try these ways.

7 ways to relieve your dog's anxiety

Dogs get anxious easily of many things. They might hate car rides and it causes them to be worried. They may fear the sound of the vacuum cleaner or the sound of thunder. All these triggers can cause them to be uncomfortable and  they might suffer extreme anxiety.

Seeing your furry friend suffering like this is unbearable. When dogs get anxious and start to panic, their whole muscles contract at the same time and it resembles having a seizure while standing up! One of the worst causes of anxiety in dogs is noises.

Noise phobias affect the dogs greatly as it can intensively increase in its effect. Your dog may suffer noise anxiety from fireworks like of the 4th of July then it would be worse. They can panic on simple bangs on TV or from the horns of cars.

So here are seven ways to help anxious dogs to relax. Have in mind that anxiety response takes time, so it would take time to decide which therapy way or group of therapies that would help your canine.

1.Consult a trainer

7 ways to relieve your dog's anxiety

San Diego-based veterinarian Jessica Vogelsang explains how you can train your dog not to have the anxious reaction in the first place. She says the traditional way is desensitization. This training works by gradually introducing the dog to loud noises and providing them rewards.

2. Play music

7 ways to relieve your dog's anxiety

Vogelsang recommends an album called Through a Dog’s Ear. The album is designed with special music that would calm the anxiety of dogs. She says the process should that you take your anxious canine to a dark room and play for them this music. You can also do this therapy before a trigger that would happen for example car ride.

3.Get rid of static

7 ways to relieve your dog's anxiety

Dogs get triggered by the storm before it happens because their bodies feel the buildup of static electricity in the air. You can find them responding by hiding in a closet or the basement. To help them you need to get unscented dryer sheet and wipe down the trunk of your dog’s body. They will calm down.

4.Try a Thundershirt

7 ways to relieve your dog's anxiety

The thundershirt is made of compression garment to reduce dog’s anxiety. It works the same way as swaddling a baby or giving a comfortable hug. This vest can help with many kinds of phobias.

5.Use pheromones

7 ways to relieve your dog's anxiety

This component is released by a mom dog to help her puppies stay relaxed. A synthetic version of the same component can be given to dogs at any age that would help them lay quiet. However, consulting a vet is important before giving your dog pheromone.

6.Give your dog a chill pill

7 ways to relieve your dog's anxiety

There is another supplement called Zylkene that has a calming milk protein. You can also give them chews that contain the green tea extract.

7.Talk to your vet about medication

7 ways to relieve your dog's anxiety

If these therapies didn’t help calm your dog, you can ask your vet for a prescription that might help.

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