8 Fun Dog Exercises You Can Do With Your Pooch


Your dog needs to exercise, but if your dog exercises the same way every day, he’s gonna get bored, the same as you

As humans, we need change, we need to be able to do all sorts of stuff in different ways. If you take your dog, every single day, to walk the same exact path, in the same pace, seeing the same sights he sees every day, and smelling the same odors he smells every day, you will become so bored, and so will he.

You are thinking, but walking is what I am supposed to do with my dog!, and you are right, in the traditional sense of exercising your dog. However, exercising your dog is not just about physical exercise, exercising together should be a way for you to strengthen your bond together and to become closer to each other. As you can guess, doing the same exact thing every day isn’t going to help with that at all.

So, what’s the answer? The answer is in doing something new, something which can be both beneficial and fun!

If you and your dog are getting a little bored with the same activities that you do every day, it may be the time for you to pick up one or more of the following suggestions to shake up your routine.


Dog exercises Running

Running is a great exercise, it’s fun for you and the dog

Running with your dog is similar to multitasking, you and your four-legged athlete get the chance to enjoy the great outdoors and its fresh air, while increasing stamina and strengthen muscles. The renowned veterinarian, educator, and author on domestic and wild life animals, Dr. Lucy Spelman, agrees that running with your canine is a great activity as long as you keep one thing in mind:

 “Remember it’s your dog’s outing. You should be willing to stop when the dog wants to stop- to sniff and greet other dogs and people, even if that slows you down.”


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