A Deaf Girl Teaches Her Best Friend Deaf Dog The Sign Language


They became best friends once they know they are alike. 


A deaf girl teaches a deaf dog sign language.

We always seek to find those similar to us. We always love to have friends who make us feel we aren’t alone and that it’s totally okay being different. They help us to accept who we are and embrace our differences.

Just like this moving story of a boy who suffered dwarfism. He felt really down for being different at that young age. He couldn’t understand that it is totally okay to be that different until he met a friend who is like him. His furry friend was suffering dwarfism as well and they helped each other to accept their differences.

A deaf girl teaches a deaf dog sign language.

This is the same case for our sweet friends over here, Walter and Julia. Walter was given to Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA after he was only 5 or 6 weeks old. The shelter reported that Walter was born deaf.

Once he was ready for adoption, the shelter posted his photo and story on Facebook. When Julia and her mom saw his story, they knew that he was the perfect add to their family.

A deaf girl teaches a deaf dog sign language.

Julia’s mom explained how she held Julia when she was just a baby. She explained she couldn’t hear my voice, but she smelt my neck instead. She was impressed how Walter did the same once she held him! He smelt her neck as well.

She knew he was one of them at that moment. She explained how Walter and Julia were the same. They share everything. He waited for her to do her homework, then they would start playing together in the yard.

A deaf girl teaches a deaf dog sign language.

Now, Julia is teaching Walter sign language. She teaches him the signs of water, food ,and for sitting down. Walter has proven to be a really good and attentive student!

Watch Julia and Walter’s touching story.

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