A Dog Mom With Large Belly Gave Birth To 13 Healthy Puppies


She started to breastfeed her newborn puppies immediately.

Mom dog gave birth to 13 healthy puppies

Dogs are loving creatures who form bonds between each other. When they give birth, they care for their puppies. They give them love and care and stay by their side. For us, witnessing our beloved dogs giving birth to new cute puppies is something no words can describe. You witness the start of a new life!

This amazing couple was expecting a large litter of cute puppies. Diva, a 3-year-old Staffordshire met Joey, a 13-year-old shepherd mix. They quickly fell in love with each other. Their love was crowned two months later by 13 young puppies that were healthy and strong.

Diva’s large belly was a good indicator that there were many puppies in the way, however, nobody would imagine that large number. In 59 days, she went into labor to give birth her first newborn puppy that followed by his 12 brothers and sisters.

Mom dog gave birth to 13 healthy puppies

Diva didn’t have maternity experience before that was why she was scared a little at first. Luckily, Diva’s dad Pepijn was there to help her giving birth to her little puppies. While her first puppy was getting out, she was going to sit down but her dad caught her and comforted her.

She started to give birth to one after another. Once a puppy was out, they rush to their mom to feed them and she did so without complaining. She sat down and her puppies were snuggling onto her warmly. Once a new puppy was out, she started to clean them and lick them with love. Their cute little voices while feeding on their mom are something you won’t get to witness every day!

Mom dog gave birth to 13 healthy puppies.


Now watch the miracle of Diva while she was giving birth to her litter of cute loving puppies.

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