A Look Inside The World’s Most Dog-Friendly Workspace Ever

If you have a pet dog, then you definitely know the pain you go through almost every morning when you leave for your job.

The idea of leaving your pet for some hours all by their own is just devasting to many people, including myself. But would you believe me if I told you that there is an office in the USA that allows dogs inside?

That would be like the holy grail for all dog lover, right!

The company I am talking about is called Kurgo.

It’s a Massachusetts-based pet product start-up has the most dog-friendly office you’ve ever come across.

As a matter of fact, Kitter Spater started this company with his brother, Gordie Spater, back in 2003.


The company has 22 staff members and they sell literally everything related to dogs including products like water bowls, dog toys, backpacks, and even leashes.

Catering to this need, the founders also made sure of the fact that their office premises are ultra dog-friendly: making it the coolest dog house ever!

Spread across 4000 square feet, the staff members are allowed to get their own pet dogs inside the office.

The most noteworthy part of Kurgo’s office is how dogs were integrated into many of the design considerations within the company.

Each desk can come equipped with a size-appropriate dog bed. Even the kitchen has an easy-clean floor, and it’s always stocked with food and tasty treats for the four-to-eight canines that come to work each day.

About 90% of the company employees actually have dogs.

We get a lot of inspiration looking at our own dogs and our problems – said Kitter Spater

The workspace also has a couple of pieces of playground equipment for extra fun, such as a springing rocking horse, and a slide that’s wide enough for our furry friends.



The sense of community among Kurgo dog owners is more than brilliant, and they go on walks together during lunch and afternoon breaks.

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If a dog gets restless during the day, there are also baskets of toys stationed at the indoor play areas, which has an ulterior motive—product testing. After all,

Who better to try out the new products than the company’s favorite furry friends?

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