A Mom Dog Adopts Abandoned Newborn Piglets


She proved to be a kind mother and showed them pure love.

A dog adopted piglets.

Newborn babies always want their mother’s love. They can’t live on themselves in their first lives as they always need care and attention and most importantly, love. Many living beings have their newborn babies totally dependent on them in their first years.

So, it’s really important a mother stays beside her babies in their first years and in some animals they need their mom in their first days or months. She would provide them with food, care, and protection. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for these poor piglets.


Their mother abandoned them once they are born. She refused to care or nurse them. These piglets were born on a local farm and once their owner noticed what had happened  to them, she decided to help. She took them to feed them herself.

Her attempt would save their lives, but these poor piglets were still missing the nursing and the care their mother should provide. To everyone’s surprise, help came from unexpected place. Dottie Jayne, a 12-year-old Jack Russell terrier who happened to live at the same farm as well was the one who helped.


Dottie Jayne refused to let these little piglets live alone without love and care. She stepped in and decided to adopt these babies and became their mother. She started to care for them and protect them. She would also breastfeed them! Yes, the senior kind mom had her milk produced just for those little cute babies.

You can see how they snuggle and play around her while she is laying down hugging all of them and letting them feed on her. Her mother instinct couldn’t leave these poor babies to suffer at that young age without care and attention.

Watch Dottie Jayne incredible story.

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