A Mom Dog Gave Birth To 12 Puppies After A Vet Saved Her life


This vet is surprised to see this dog has a litter of 12 puppies.

This vet is surprised to see this dog has a litter of 12 puppies.

If a human is expecting many babies, that would be an awesome moment. You would be really thrilled hearing that news. But, what about hearing the news that you are expecting a dozen?! Now that would be incredible. Of course, having a dozen of babies won’t be possible without your sweet furry friend.

Dogs are known to be able to give a litter of many cute puppies. This beautiful girl in this video is  blessed with 12 cute puppies. Dr. Matt from Vet Ranch was surprised to see this large belly dog is going to give a litter of all of these puppies.


You will be even more surprised knowing that the poor dog was going to lose her life if it wasn’t for this kind vet. He managed to bring her back to his facility so he could treat her. Unfortunately, that wasn’t it as once they examined her, they found out  she was also suffering an issue with her left eye that made it hard for her to see properly.

Dr. Matt named the poor dog Gracie. He carefully checked upon on her and came to a big surprise days later after her arrival. She started to have a big belly and Dr. Matt knew that there was a big litter coming on the new, however, he didn’t expect the litter to be that big.


When the time came, Dr. Matt was shocked to see Gracie giving birth to 12 healthy and cute puppies. She has proven to be an awesome strong girl as she had delivered all the puppies over the night by herself! She just didn’t want to leave precious fluffball side through the delivery.

Watch Gracie wagging her tail and giving birth to her puppies.

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