An Adopted Abused Service Dog Changes A Disabled Man’s Life And A Girl’s Beliefs! ASTONISHING!


Thunder is AMAZING! 
Thunder, the abused service dog, serves again! and helped a young girl who feared dogs because she was bitten before by a big dog, get over her fears and fall in love with him! 

things never go as we always planned, and that’s what happened with Roth Ann. she was going to the shelter and decided it was time to adopt the dog she’s been dreaming of! Roth was hoping to find a little, cute, white female dog, but instead she instantly fell in love with Thunder and brought home an 80-pound big dog! Thunder!

there was just this amazing connection going on between Roth and Thunder that she decided that he was the dog she wanted to be a family!


His name is Thunder, but ironically though he is afraid of thunders! and gets nervous whenever he can sense there’s a storm coming up!

But things turned around for the BEST! Roth Ann’s partner, Larry, is 100% disabled because of his service in Vietnam. Larry is also blind in his right eye and suffered several strokes.

so, Larry needs some help and you won’t believe that the doctors told Larry that it was time you got a SERVICE DOG! and BINGO!
Thunder was a service dog before being abused!
so why not re-train Thunder and have your best furry four-legged friend be your service dog, too!?

Thunder immediately sensed that Larry was blind in his right eye when he noticed that Larry was bumping into things on his right!
so, Thunder would gently walk to his right and in the sweetest way give him a slight push to go to the left if he is going to hit something!

Thunder, helped a yound girl who ran away as she first saw him, forget all about that dog who bit her and fell in love with each other! it is just HEARTWARMING!


Thunder loves to travel that he once jumped into the driver’s seat and got stuck between the seat and the paddle! Roth almost took 20 minutes to figure out how to get this 80-pound dog out of there!

But, it is these small, cute things that Thunder does that makes him an incredible best friend and service dog!
No doubt, the bond grew even stronger between Larry and Thunder!
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