An Abusive Trainer Waterboards His Horse And Posts It On The Internet.




This is inhumane.

This is inhumane.

  • The trainer posted the photos which met harsh criticism.
  • Animal advocate┬áNina Burkett contacted the Sherriff’s office but no definitive action was taken.
  • We should unite and act together to put a stop to this cruelty.

Human beings can sometimes remind you of how awful they could be. In Council Bluffs, Iowa, a man posted some horrific photos of a horse being waterboarded. The photos circulated the internet once posted and Facebook users heavily backlashed at the horse’s owner, igniting a firestorm of criticism and anger. In response, the man quickly deleted the post, but that doesn’t mean he escaped justice.

According to Google, the owner is Logan Carr Allen who won the number one prize in the 2013 Iowa Horse Fair Colt Starting Challenge. The post had pictures of the horse in the mud, with tied feet, covered in a sheath, and being inhumanely waterboarded; the photos had the caption “Bad boy.”

Screenshots of the abuser's post.

Screenshots of the abuser’s post.

It is cruel to treat innocent animals in such a way, and any person who does that should be punished for their lack of basic humanity.

Animal rights activist Nina Burkett took a screenshot of the post before the perpetrator deleted it, and then, she contacted the authorities for proper action, yet they have not responded.

She had this to say about the whole issue

“Can anyone pass this around and if you feel it call the Sheriff’s department; this is a lay down gone wrong I am so so pissed. He took this photo down and I know why. Call the Sheriff’s Department at 712.890.2200.
This is wrong. I reported it; they didn’t want to see the photo and treated me like ‘ya ya ya’. I am not one to give up so easy,” wrote Nina on her Facebook page asking advocates for help for a defenceless horse.

In response, Allen said that these are his training techniques. No, dear sir, this is flagrant abuse, and we should do something about it; we should put an end to this man’s cruelty.

A horse being tortured by his trainer.

A horse being tortured by his trainer.

Already people have been calling the sheriff’s office repeatedly, and others have suggested contacting Iowa Horse Council and inform them of the crime.

Our prayers go to this poor horse, and hopefully, his suffering will come to an end.

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