8 MILLION Puppies And Dogs Were Found: Killed And Mummified!

It looks like the root of dogs’ suffering in the middle east goes a little bit more in history than we expected.

About EIGHT MILLION mummified dogs have been unearthed from a mass grave that has been originally discovered in the 19th century.

According to a report by the Discovery News Website, these catacombs have been found in Saqqara(which is a burial ground in Egypt’s ancient capital, Memphis), they have been found next to the sacred temple of Anubis ( the god of death in Egyptian mythology), those catacombs contained huge numbers of mummified Puppies and grown dogs.


Anubis: The god of death in Egyptian Mythology

Unfortunately, since the discovery of the mummies, many have disintegrated or were disrupted by grave robbers who uses them as fertilizers.

According to the study’s lead researcher: Prof. Paul Nicholson, Saqqara was a busy place: it was possibly a permanent community of people living there supported by the animal cults.


Now you might be asking: Why an ancient Egyptian would have brought a dog to Saqqara in the first place?

The professor then explains that the display of those mummies might have been viewed as expression of gratitude to the ancient Egyptian gods by pilgrims visiting Saqqara. Another possibility was that ancient Egyptians brought the animals there to kill or bury them in order to move on to a different place.

“It’s not some sort of blood sacrifice. It’s a religious act that’s done for the best possible motive, The animal’s owner hoped that by doing this, some good will come to you.”

But why dogs?

Well, the study says that dogs were a good fit for such purpose as ancient Egyptians believed the animals may interact with Anubis and help someone in the family who died recently and Anubis will take care of that deceased relative.


The saddest part of the story is that many of those dogs that had been mummified were merely days, or even hours old when they were mummified.  This means those puppies were probably bred -or for more accuracy, Farmed- for the cult.

Archaeologists said that these puppies had probably been separated from their mothers and died due to dehydration or starvation, this assumption is based on the lack of evidence of physical actions such as broken necks ( such as the case of cat burials in ancient Egypt, and yes, they buried cats too!)

Animal Cults ( group of worshiped animals), such as the one recently unearthed is something uniquely Egyptian, its a symbol that lived on during the invasions of Ancient Egypt according to the study.


Aidan Dodson , a senior research fellow at the University of Bristol said that this is probably the Ancestor of a mass tourism industry as he and other archaeologists agree that the catacombs and temples probably prompted trade and commerce in Ancient Egypt, they are supported by evidence that indicates the Anubis Animal Cult was an important part of the ancient Egyptian Economy.

It looks like the history of the suffering of dogs goes a little bit more than we know, Poor dogs!
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