” Are You Not Horrified Of The Colorful, Loud Explosions?!” Says Your Dog…

Let’s imagine for the few upcoming minutes that your dog can talk! Let’s hear what your dog has to say about FIREWORKS! CHECK IT OUT!


OMG! Run human run! Run! Oh, seriously, you like this!

I’m scared to death here and you are laughing your butt off thinking this so funny!

Are you stupid? What is to like about a bunch of explosive, colorful stuff that attacks the sky!?

Someone could get hurt, you know! Sure the colors look cool!

But DAMN IT! That explosive sound scares the hell out of me! I don’t like these things.. What do you call them?? Ummm oh yeah! These fireworks of yours are not pretty at all!

It frightens me and all other dogs too!

I think I speak for all dogs when I say “CUT IT OUT!”

How much longer? I can’t stay under this table forever and you are laughing at me.. Because hahaha ” the poor dog is scared”!

I could bite any time now! BUT I won’t!

You want to know why human? Because I care not to hurt you! I’d rather get myself killed than watch you suffer!

But you won’t care anyway! And I still will care for the rest of my life!

Seriously, these explosive bursts or even worse than going to the vet!! I can’t take this anymore and I don’t know whether to protect you or not because I can’t tell if it’s dangerous because you seem to be having fun!

You made me so confused that I can’t think straight anymore!

Can’t a miracle happen and those explosives would be gone forever!?

You probably are not listening to me right now! You are too busy watching the flying colorful explosives!! Oh well…


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