Australian Woman Accused Of Having Sex With Her Dog On Tape


She has been accused of beastiality before and had a record of drug dealing.

Australian woman accused of having sex with her dog on tape.

Your dog trusts you. Dogs always give their owners unconditional love and care and in return, they expect attention and affection. They don’t deserve ill-treatment or abuse. Neglect and abuse hurt the pup physically and emotionally.

They lose trust in all humans and feel like betrayed for their true love. After all, they are delicate sentient beings with big loving hearts. Any irresponsible abusive dog owner doesn’t deserve their dog’s love. They shouldn’t be allowed to accompany them or keep them in their home.

A woman was accused of abusing her dog by having sex with him and record it! On a shocking incident, police have found the videos by chance while searching her for drugs. Jenna-Louise Driscoll, 26, from Australia is facing horrible charges of having sex with her dog and filming 3 videos on her phone on 3 different occasions.

Australian woman accused of having sex with her dog on tape.

Driscoll had a record of drug dealing. The police have multiply investigated her before for the allegations of possessing and dealing drugs. During a past court trial, she was claimed to have orgainzed selling 113g of cannabis for $1,150 and a 85-gram packet for $900.

Police have been investigating her this time as well for drug dealing. They have searched her phone as part of the investigation only to find the shocking three videos. Police reported that the three videos have been saved on her phone recording three separate incidents of her doing a lewd relation with her dog.

It wasn’t her time to be accuses of this horrible act. In October 2014, she was accused of bestiality as she was seen entering her home with a man and a pit bull.

Australian woman accused of having sex with her dog on tape.

On Tuesday, Ms Driscoll of Queensland has been charged guilty of three counts of bestiality at Brisbane District Court. She was also accused of 3 e drug offences. Her setence will take place on November 3. RSPCA Queensland described the incident as shocking and eerie.

They added that to take her dog away, acts of cruelty should be proven or the dog must be proven to be tourmented by his abusive owner as the dog’s protection act doesn’t include bestiality. They are determined to help this dog by any means.

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