Bark Collars: Are They The Solution And Should You Get One?

So, you are having problems controlling your noisy dog and your friend recommends that you use a bark collar, the question is: Should you ?

There are quite a number of products that you can get easily which promise to stop barking overnight. There are different types of collars; such as collars which deliver audible or ultrasonic corrections to your dog, citronella spraying collars, shock collars which deliver a painful jolt to your pooch.

Should you use one?

The simple answer is NO

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You really should not use one. For one, you are punishing your dog, for a behavior that is completely natural for him. For example, Shock collars: A Shock collar deliver a painful jolt to your pooch. This causes harm and makes him more aggressive, especially if they are barking at someone or some animal, because they often associate this person or animal with the pain.


If anything, it makes the dog more aggressive. Just imagine if you are shocked with electricity every time you try to speak, Wouldn’t you be mad too?


They don’t always work, in fact, many dogs learn to ignore the collar and continue barking. These collars may work, but only in short term.

Even if your dog at first responds to bark collars, there is a degree of habituation which happens over time. Meaning, with time, your dog will just kinda get used to it, so it won’t even matter anymore.


There is an 86% relapse rate.


Yes, in a group of dogs who initially had reduction in the frequency of their barking, there is an 86% relapse rate.


They are not always legal.

Regulations regarding the use of shock collars in dog training are state specific. In some states they are completely illegal and in some states they are allowed as long as they don’t cause pain to the animal.

In simple words, Bark collars are not the solution you are looking for, and as for Shock collars, you should NEVER use one.

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