Brave Man Jumps In Frozen Lake To Save Stuck Dog


The man risked his life by jumping into the frozen lake but he couldn’t leave the poor dog to die.

Watch the brave man rescuing the stuck dog from the frozen lake!

The heartwarming video shows a brave man that refused to let a dog die in a frozen lake. So, he decided to risk his life to save the poor dog. The clip shows the man undressing in a  freezing temperature to get ready to jump into the frozen lake.

The clip was posted on Youtube. According to the description, the video was captured in Simferopol, a city on the Crimean peninsula. A small crowd gathered to watch the brave man hopping into the icy water to give help for the poor canine.

 Brave Man Jumps In Frozen Lake To Save Stuck Dog

The man preparing to jump into the lake.

The man started to cover his legs body with cold water so as not to be shocked by the freezing water. He then quickly jumped into the water and swam fast towards the stuck dog. The brave man started to push the dog towards the other side of the lake.

The man’s push helped the dog swim faster to the other side. The dog started to swim followed by the man until they reached the other side. Once there, the man held the dog in his arms to quickly take him out of the water. People tried to help the rescuer and the dog seemed to be happy to be finally safe.

 Brave Man Jumps In Frozen Lake To Save Stuck Dog

The dog is rescued at last.

The dog started to shake his body because he was wet and cold.

This brave’s man act and timing have saved this dog. The stuck dog might have faced a fatal ending if it weren’t for him. You can clearly see how the lake is half ice half water to imagine how dangerous it was for the dog.

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