Bringing a Little Kitten into Your Life

Does the thought of a mewling little kitten filling up your life keep popping up in your head? Are you seriously considering adopting one but don’t know the how-to and what you’ll need to prepare in advance? Well if that’s the case then, this post is for you. There are three points to consider before taking such a big step and believe me, it is a big step. One is, why you want to bring a kitten into your life, two is, what you need to do beforehand, and three, what kind of cat would suit you most.


It goes without saying that cats are not by any means for your amusement. Many people love the early playful years with kittens but get bored by the time said kittens reach adulthood, which is such a heartbreaking fate to leave a poor cat to face. Cats also require a lot more attention and care than people assume. Yes, cats are known for being more self-sufficient than dogs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t actually need you to do anything for them. Cats are social creatures, they love company, even if they’re not always curled up to you. Because of that, you need to really think your reasons though, be sure you’re 100% up to the commitment.


Once you’ve confirmed your reasons, and they are indeed long-term ones, you go onto what you’ll need to be prepared with before bringing a cat home. The most essential things to start with are food bowls, a litter box, a scratch post and a carrier. These are essential points you cannot go without. Though there may be some consideration with what type of food to bring in and what type of litter to use. These will naturally depend on your own preference, a vet’s advice, or recommendations from other pet owners as to what suited them better healthwise and budget-wise. Putting it all into consideration, you’re sure to come up with the best type of food and litter to use. Those things, along with finding the nearest vet to your place with their number on speed dial, are vital first steps.


After the essentials, you can move onto other things to keep in mind, such as a nail trimmer, a brush, and cat treats. While a scratch post can help save your furniture and curtains, it’s still better – both you and your cat – to trim their nails, since they tend to get stuck if they get too long and might injure themselves and have them break off. A brush is also a vital thing, cats shed a lot and their hair can float all over the place. Not only that, but cats tend to clean themselves all the time, by doing so, some hairs get stuck on their tongue and are swallowed, amounting in hairballs being stuck in their throat that they throw up when they grow too big. The less hair they swallow, the better. And naturally, treats will help you reward your cat when they do something good, or when training them to do particular things.


Last but not least, is the type of cat you want. This might seem like a straightforward question, but there’s much to consider. Starting from whether you want a longhaired cat or a shorthaired cat, or even a Sphynx cat. What breed suits you most would be the gist of it. After you figure that out, you’ll need to think of whether or not you want your cat to breed. While many people are against that, and are fairly opposed to breeding rather than adopting, others aren’t convinced neutering or spaying their pets is humane. Another thing to consider is whether or not you want your cat to strictly be a ‘home cat’ or a cat that can go outside and come back whenever it wants with a large amount of freedom. Again, both points have things to recommend them as well as negative points to worry you about them, it all goes back to what you feel is right for you and your feline friend.


All things considered, bringing a cat into your home is a big responsibility, there’s much to think over and prepare for before taking such a big step. For your cat’s sake and yours, you need to be as ready as you can beforehand.

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