Cats Going Wild

As a cat parent, one of the most conflicting points to consider is whether or not to let your cat out of the house. Deciding early on whether your cat will strictly be an indoor cat or an outdoors cat will require various adjustments and considerations accordingly. This choice has to be one that suits both you and your cat together, as it has an impact on both of you.


Unlike dogs, it’s not a vitally necessary thing for you to take your cat outdoors for walks and the like. Their smaller bodies can get more exercise just running around the house than dogs that will be bumping into everything and everyone. They also don’t need to ‘go out’ since they use a litter box and aren’t exactly known for being easy to walk around the park.


It all boils down to how you view your cat as well as your cat’s species and inclinations. Some cats hate the outdoors and are more comfortable in familiar surroundings. They aren’t even able to adjust to the outdoors and may possibly face dangers and environmental hazards.


One such cat species would be Persian cats. Persians have short legs and long hair, both making it ill-advised for them to go outside. Their short legs and their tame nature don’t give them a fighting or escaping advantage when outside. Their long hair can also get dirty easily as well as carry in it dirt, twigs, and other things from the wild.


On the other hand, some cats can feel constricted inside and easily bored. They would feel freer outside, so they’re naturally inclined to wander around outside. Cats such as Maine Coons readily accept both being indoors and outdoors while helping with the pest control in the area surrounding your house, or even neighborhood.


Many people believe that cats are wild creatures, they’re hunters and were meant for the outdoors, that keeping them inside was actually a form of cruelty. While a cat’s innate nature is to go outside, researchers have proven that indoor cats live longer and are much healthier than outdoor cats. That’s not even keeping in mind the amount of germs, dirt and other things they can bring into the house.


In the end, your choice of cat and possibility of letting them venture outside or stay inside depends on you and what you find ideal for both of you. That is why you need to think it all through very well before making a choice.

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