Courthouse Dog Helps More Then 400 Kids And Families In Their Court Cases


She helped comfort the kids and families during their presence and hard times at the court.

Therapy dogs are well-trained dogs that work to provide help for different kind of people. There are dogs who help those in emotional need and those who need support through traumas. One helpful and talented therapy dogs are the courthouse dogs.

A courthouse dog is a professionally trained dog that has graduated from an accredited assistance dog organization. They are qualified to work in court rooms to assists those who are going to give testimony or talk about their cases.

Pella is a courthouse labrador dog. She has kind brown eyes that would calm whoever sees her. She is seen here by the side of a young girl in the court. She entered the court as another family member was accused of sexually abusing her. She was taken and scared when she entered the room. with her head down.

Pella just entered the room and went towards the girl sat at her feet and at once she started to calm down.  She helped her by lending her confidence and leading to a conviction of the criminal. Pella always lets children rub her head to calm down and forget their anxiety.

Pella made her debut as Colorado’s first-ever “facility dog” in 2012. Her skills are calming anxiety and soothe traumas as a therapy dog. She helped in more than 400 cases since then.

Pella is also part of a large number of therapy dogs in use around the country. But 6-year-old Pella was the first and, according to the people she works with, still the best. Pella was selected for her calm personality and her ability to adapt to situations by making herself essentially unseen.

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