Cruel Owner Jailed For Bashing His Dog To Death With Hammer


The man is facing 9 months in prison but the poor dog had to be put down as the pain was so much to endure.

Cruel Owner Jailed For Bashing His Dog To Death With Hummer

Brownie’s head fatal injuries.

A man from Gisborne has been sentenced to 9 months in prison fo attacking his dog with a hammer. James Tuari, 48, has been accused by the Gisborne District Court for his ill-treatment to his dog.

He bashed his dog with a hammer 3 times that the great pain or distress caused to the animal led to her being put down to ease her from his suffering. The cruel owner was also disqualified from owning dogs for 10 years, and ordered to pay reparations of $125.30.

Animal Control Officers and an SPCA inspector found the poor dog tied up in a small area by the side of the garage. The ground around her was full of rubbish and there was a plastic container that contained green water.

Cruel Owner Jailed For Bashing His Dog To Death With Hummer

Dog abuse.

They also found blood on the walls near the place she was tied. She was in a horrible condition as her body was thin and had two wounds on top of her head. The wounds had maggots which means that they weren’t fresh and were more than two days before.

The dog was euthanized on a vet’s recommendation. They sadly explained that Brownie wasn’t going to get any better soon.

Tuari said in an interview that his family advised him to get rid of the dog. ON January 9, he hit her three times on the head that led to her falling down. The neighbors heard what was happening, and when they check they saw Brownie standing up again.

Acting chief executive of SPCA Andrea Midgen described Tuari’s plan as sickening . He wanted her to die on her own.

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