Dog Drives His Own Tiny Car To Jump Into His Ball Pit


The cute dog is seen driving his tiny colorful car until he stops by a ball pit in which he jumps and dives in balls.

Watch the adorable dog driving his adorable car before going unseen among the balls!

This cute dog will melt your heart when you see him driving his mini car. He then parks the car to dive into a pit full of a lot of balls. His owner filmed him and shared the video on 17/12 and since then it went viral on the internet.

The sweet dog is called Wicket and the video was shot in his owner’s home in Minnesota, USA. Once the car stops the dog was seen rushing to his destination, the pile of balls that he wanted to reach.

Dog Drives His Own Tiny Car To Jump Into His Ball Pit

Wicket, the adorable dog.

His owner knows that Wicket is intending to reach the pile of balls. So, he carefully moves with Wicket’s movement to the pit. If you pay attention closely, you can see the dog carefully leaving the car first before rushing to the pit. He seemed to be trained well on this gesture to leave the car, then he can go to the ball pit.

Dogs adore balls and they always love to play in pits full of balls or fetch tennis balls. The most fun thing to provide your dog is a pit full of colorful balls in your house. They will love to dive into them, chew into them, or even go and catch them.

Dog Drives His Own Tiny Car To Jump Into His Ball Pit

Ball pit.

This dog owner didn’t show us his dog’s cuteness only, they made sure to add up to the dog’s cuteness by the adorable car and the sweet jump in the balls.

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