A Dog got Bitten By A Venomous Snake To Save A Toddler

This brave dog got bit by a venomous snake just to save the daughter of his owner from dying a horrible death.

This brave dog fought a snake to save his little owner

Meet Mack and his family.

One day, Mack, the dog, was with the daughter of his owner playing in the yard when suddenly the dog saw a Tiger snake in the yard going to bite the 2-years-old girl so the dog ran and fought the venomous snake a vicious fight.

The dog managed to win the fight and save the little girl; the owner then came out to find Mack paralyzed and lying on the ground and feeling tired; she ran and took the dog to the vet as fast as she could to be treated from the deadly venom.

This brave dog fought a snake to save his little owner

Mack getting treated from the deadly bites.

Luckily, the vet had an antivenom and the dog was cured of it, but he suffered from kidney failure and had a bill of six thousand dollars for his treatment, the family thought of selling an old car they had, but a friend told them to start a GoFundMe page to raise the money needed for the dog’s treatment.

The family did that and a ton of people gave them money to help the dog, as the family raised a lot of money that exceeded their goal and they were extremely happy that the dog was going to be fine and healthy once more.

This brave dog fought a snake to save his little owner

Mack happy for being with his awesome family.

The dog has a long road to full recovery and is feeling tired, but still happy because he got to save one of the family members and still stay with all of his family members.

Without Mack, the little girl would have died from the bite of the snake, we all hope the best for Mack and his beautiful family.

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