Dogs’ Amusing Behavior That Defies All Logic

We all love our furry beasts with all our hearts, but let’s admit it, sometimes their behavior is utterly unexplainable.

I guess that’s what makes dogs so special to almost each and everyone of us. Regardless of their logic, they are always kind.

They give us something that we always seek and it is priceless. They give us unconditional love.

We prepared a collection of pictures that prove that although dogs’ logic may seem confusing at so many times, you can’t deny their ability to live life to the fullest.

When someone says you’re not allowed to walk in the rain…and you decide to just do it. I think your reaction would be something similar to that.

Yeah…sometimes life is just too hard, man!

That guy is just pretending he has nothing to do with all this mess.

Hmmm…that is a cat that knows who to defend herself really really well.

Be careful…it is coming!

When your not-so-funny friend expects you to laugh at his stupid lame jokes…

I bet he gets that exact same face…

Take it easy guys…I swear I didn’t touch your food.

It’s that feeling when you remember that there are just a few days separating you from the  weekend…

That is the reaction you get when someone says that summer is upon us, and it’s just about time to get your body ready for the beach.

That’s definitely a failed attempt for a great selfie. Nevermind, I will take another picture!

Hell yeah…who said only cats can do that thing, yo!

It’s the night before the weekend and they’re asking you to go for a walk while all what you really want to do is….sleep.

Just…shut up, I will do all the talking. Your silence is very much appreciated.

Hmm…cat!! What cat? Do we even have a cat? 🙂


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