Don’t be surprised This Dog’s Appearance Might Shock You, But the Story Is Beautiful

Don’t be surprised This Dog’s Appearance Might Shock You, But the Story Is Beautiful

The first look at this dog, you will not incredible that is a dog. You will say this is a pig.

But that’s kind of an odd name.

But this name is little bit suitable for this dog.


Pig was found in the woods abandoned by her mother; she was born with a sharp and strong distortion and the veterinarian who first looked at her recommended on putting her down.

This was before Kim Dillenbeck came into the picture after hearing about this unusual-looking dog.


This was pig as a puppy.

Head on, she seems quite normal. And as you can tell, she’s much more consolidated than she should be. That’s because her spinal cord divides into two separate cords at her neck as the vet photo her by the x-ray.


She won’t be able to gain the weight that an average dog her kind should when she aged.
But she actually doesn’t know that she’s different than any other dogs.

Without the help of her newly adopted mom, Pig wouldn’t have made it. She stands on her four legged with stability and save balance. She lives her life without any obstacles. As she grew up, her distortion started becoming more and more visible…


For a little comparison and some theoretical, here’s Pig beside two regular dogs. But With the love and care of her new mom, she managed to survive her condition.


And a few treats, of course this way is so amazing for training dogs some new tricks or teaches them to be well behaved.

But Pig is happy and alive, regardless of the way she looks to the big treat which her mom gives to her.


Regardless of looks, everyone deserves the love and a chance of life.

Pig is the perfect example of that.

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