Dump With Donald Trump; Make Picking Up Poop Great Again!

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YES! From this day on, Trump will redefine the way to pick up poop after your dog.

Picking up poop after your dog has been traditional for a long time. It is just about time for a makeover!

Okay, we are all dog lovers, and of course that is a great thing, but let’s face it folks…

Cleaning up after your dog stinks. It’s just a thankless chore that’s probably the only bad thing about owning a dog.

But picking up your dog’s poop just got a little bit better, because now you can pick up your dog’s poop with poop bags that have Donald Trump’s face on them.

That’s right, folks. The makers of Poop Head Donald Trump Poop Bags are making picking up poop great again.

For just $4.99, you can get the classiest, most tremendous doggie waste bags delivered right to your door step.

Start cleaning up your dog’s crap with style! You get 15 bags per roll, each one is adorned with an image of a bloviating Trump, complete with a stinky swirl of doodie planted atop of his famous swirl of “hair.”

These poop bags measure 8.75 by 11 inches, with a thickness of 15 microns. These bags are so quality, Trump himself has endorsed them:

People, let me tell you — and I’m being honest here — these dog poop bags are absolutely the best dog poop bags. We used to be number one in dog poop bags. But not anymore, folks.

There has been a terrible schlonging in the poop bag market. And you know Hillary’s not going to fix it. But I’m not afraid to tell it like it is. I’m very rich and I’m very attracted to my daughter.  I mean, just look at those legs.

My first act as President will be to immediately ban all entry into the United States for people not possessing a valid Donald Trump Dog Poop Bag.

For just $4.99, you can get the classiest, most tremendous doggie waste bags delivered right to your door step

Endorsed by Trump himself. Make that chore a funny one!


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