Eddie And Cain: Two Brothers Surrendered Together, Adopted Separately, And Miraculously Reunited


They say everything happens for a reason and they are 100% right! Everything around us is here for a reason, everything happens each day happens for a reason.


Eddie and Cain had to be given up and surrendered by their family when they decided to move to Arizona. Seems they couldn’t no longer keep them. Whatever the reason, Eddie and Cain found themselves totally alone, they know nothing but each other, they spent with each other every moment, they played together, ate together, and even they used to take their naps together.

Eddie was adopted, then after, Cain adopted, but something happened changed the whole story! Cain returned three weeks later, which turned out to be the best thing ever because Cain’s new family adopted him!

This was posted by Speranza Animal Rescue

A woman emailed us about a month ago looking for a dog for her daughter and her story brought us to tears…. Sadly this little girl’s father was tragically killed in a car accident a few days before Thanksgiving last year.

Her mother said her grief counselor thought a dog would help her cope with this horrible loss. They came out and met Cain, and it was an instant connection. Cain had lost his family after being surrendered to us late last fall – and while he was happy here at the rescue we couldn’t fill that void of the home life which he always knew. 

Well, Cain went to his home last weekend and the mother has told us these two are INSEPARABLE. Wherever her daughter is, Cain isn’t far behind. They have bonded like no other and truly have become best friends. 


When Cain’s family knew about Eddie’s return, they decided to adopt him. They are meant to be together and complete their life journey together!

They said as soon as the two boys laid eyes on each other, the reunion was nothing short of amazing. 


It’s too hard to not smile and even shed a tear after seeing those happy endings.

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