Firefighter Rescues A Dog’s Life With One Of The Most Basic Techniques: CPR

A firefighter in Romania performs CPR to rescue a dog’s life after a fire broke out.

Watch a video of what happened down below.

When a fire broke out in the ground-floor apartment, on the 9th of December, a dog had collapsed out of smoke inhalation; if this firefighter hadn’t performed CPR, this poor pup would’ve been dead.

The dog’ owner, a 51-year-old man, was seriously injured and immediately transported to the hospital. However, the dog lied motionless on the curb.

Fortunately, for the poor thing, Costache Mugurel, the local firefighter, gave him multiple chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation before slipping an oxygen mask on the dog’s snout.

The brave firefighter performing CPR on a passed out dog!

“Nobody gets left behind,” Mugurel wrote in Romanian on his personal Facebook page.

People filled his feed with thank yous and appreciation for what he had done for the poor dog. The hero firefighter is now a local legend among dog owners.

The dog began to breathe again and was taken to a veterinary clinic. A few days later, someone shared a video of him lounging in a cage.

We wish him both and his owner well, and our thanks go to the hero firefighter.

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